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Energy work according to the VIT-AL 1, VIT-AL 2, VIT-AL 3 method

Energy is the precondition and the highest possibility of human existence and activity that circulates freely throughout the body until an excess or lack of energy occurs, which can lead to disease. Through energy work, we redistribute inadequately distributed energy, helping to speed up recovery. The names of methods can differ, but basically, there is only one simple thing - energy. There is nothing more beautiful and completely painless than relaxing and thinking about nothing and getting better.

Several techniques are combined in this method. It starts with meditation to achieve a calm state, followed by a technique of focusing on a particular problem. It can be done according to the Vit-al 1, Vit-al 2, Vit-al 3 method or Domančić method, depending on the individual’s problem. The duration of therapies is difficult to determine since it depends on each individual’s response, and can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Reflexology, pendulum, oxygen, or infrared cabin are added as needed. Energy work is carried out for another three days in person or remotely, as agreed.

Activation of foot chakras

We work on the chakras in the area of the spine reflex zone. The chakras are associated with physical, mental and spiritual functions. Similarly to energy channels, energy centres are filled, emptied, and harmonized. In this way, we achieve a balanced flow across the energy system. Chakra activation can be added to any therapy.

Metamorph method (mm)

The Metamorph Method is the life energy by means of which we try to awaken flow and promote self-healing. MM allows us to purify all the problems and blockages we carry from the prenatal stage (from conception, when a germ cell is formed from the egg and sperm, to nine-month maturation in the uterus, and birth when the structure is created) and this structure should be released. MM is a movement from what we are towards what we could become.

Sarafijn - stir - method 

The STIR method strives to reconnect people to their inner power of pure creation. The power of the method is in the gentle but very effective touch.

We are much more than just a physical body. Every human being is a beacon that transmits and receives signals through energy fields, much like a radio station. Most of the time this happens unconsciously. Subtle energies evoke certain behaviours, emotions and thoughts. Each of us has programmed patterns of behaviour that have shaped throughout our lives and extend back to pre-birth times. Until we know why we react in a certain way, we cannot change it. Through the use of mirror communication, there is a growing understanding that the environment is a reflection of our deepest beliefs. When this insight becomes clear, we can change our behaviour as well as our emotional and physical responses, which in turn help to improve our physical well-being. This opens the door to the ability to create the world we want to live in.

STIR reflexology consists of very gentle touches and movements on the feet that activate the parasympathetic nervous system. It involves working with the chakras and helps detect frozen energy that is consequently being transformed through awareness to new potential. Such sites can be located in different layers - physical, emotional, mental or ethereal, and are mirrored in the sushumna, the central energy channel in the spine.

When we recognize and connect to them, we can change our attitude toward traumatic events we had once experienced. In this way, we can gradually get rid of emotional traps that we feel as fear, sadness or anger which have kept pushing us from the present to the past or the future.

Biotherapy according to Zdenko Domančić method

This type of work can be carried out in a group or individually for four consecutive days.

Biotherapy according to Zdenko Domančić method is not charged for.  However, on the last day, a satisfied individual, whose biotherapy has facilitated and improved his or her problem, may express gratitude appropriately and at his/her discretion and ability. This can be done by making an anonymous donation in a sealed envelope on the last day of therapy.