The Space Tunnel

The space tunnel reduces the amount o of heavy metals and toxins in the body, reduces body weight, relieves joint and muscle pain, improves blood circulation and metabolism, restores cells, relaxes the heart and rejuvenates the skin.


There are 3 significant ways the space tunnel benefits the body

  1. It effectively reduces the amount of heavy metals that are directly related to metabolic imbalance in the body, causing poor digestion and weight gain.
  2. It reduces the content of poisonous toxins that get stuck in the fat. Research has shown that weight loss cannot be achieved unless the toxins that get stuck in the fat are eliminated first! 
  3. Weight loss due to sweating (loss of water) is quickly recovered as no toxins are eliminated from the fat. With the help of infrared rays, the treatment causes the molecules to vibrate and consequently, together with water, excretes toxins and increases fat burning. The reason for the effective result of this process is also encouraging metabolism to consume more energy.

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The space tunnel functions:

Fat burning, weight loss, pain relief, calming and relaxing, calorie burning (600 calories in 20-30 minutes), cleansing of toxins that accumulate in the body, e.g. sodium, alcohol and nicotine, cleansing impurities deep inside the skin, increasing blood flow that results in transmitting necessary nutrients to the skin, bones, muscles and other organs of the body, eliminating stress, strengthening resistance to diseases, restoring nerves and muscles, improving health, body relaxation, and regeneration.

The principle of the space tunnel operation:

Infrared rays, electro-stimulation, phototherapy.                                                                                                                                                                                 

How infrared rays benefit your health

Infrared rays activate water molecules and improve oxygen absorption. 70% of our body is made up of water, as is 80% of blood. Infrared rays activate molecules to metabolize oxygen more quickly, in turn refreshing the brain and strengthening the immune system. The activation of water molecules and deep thermal effects enable the transmission of the necessary nutritional substances throughout the body, which, after therapy, feels relaxed and well-rested.

The therapy allows water molecules free passage through the cells where they are converted into thermal energy. Therapy thus improves blood circulation and dilates the capillaries. In addition, it relaxes the body as it rests the heart, because the body produces enough oxygen during therapy, opens access to nutrients to cells, and takes away metabolic waste. The amount of metabolic waste plays an important role in high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, tumours, arthritis or general paralysis.

Improved circulation stimulates the metabolism and the removal of waste, which in turn has a positive effect on all organs in the body, most notably on organs that are intended to cleanse the body, such as the liver and kidneys, as they are relieved by therapy. It removes wastes such as heavy metals, lactic acids that cause fatigue and aging, subcutaneous fat, and fatty acids; it prevents high blood pressure, regulates the level of uric acid that causes pain, increases blood circulation and consequently ensures the transmission of nutrients throughout the body, improves metabolism, restores cells, relaxes the heart and rejuvenates the skin that becomes soft and silky.


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The treatment balances acidity and alkalinity

Infrared rays purify the blood, activate cells and thus improve their resistance. They have a healing effect in relieving pain, as, together with heat, they penetrate deep into the muscles, joints, bones and other organs. With deep heat penetration, they enable the body to absorb a lot of nutrients, thereby enhancing cellular power and activity. Infrared rays improve blood circulation, ease the flow in energy channels, and alleviate pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism and high levels of uric acid.

The vibrations of infrared rays stimulate the body to cleanse, improve fat metabolism, restore skin, reduce the secretion of skin oil, acne and pimple formation, improve complexion and eliminate imperfections and wrinkles.

What are infrared rays and how do they imapct the body?

Infrared rays are a type of electromagnetic spectrum. Modern science has proven that it is part of the sun rays or the rays of the invisible spectrum, which has a very positive effect on the body. The infrared rays’ wavelength is between 0.75 and 1000 microns. Infrared light penetrates the skin, creating a natural resonance with the body and causing the so-called deep body massage. It has a very good effect on metabolism, relieves pain, detoxifies the body, promotes circulation, and increases the quality of blood flow. It is used for weight loss, body shaping, cellular cleansing (removal of toxins) etc.

Why do infrared rays remove toxins?

Humans are the so-called bio-batteries, so toxins and other body impurities cannot be eliminated immediately after they enter the body. Toxic gases such as sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide, or toxic substances such as lead, mercury and chlorine, are surrounded by clusters of water when combined with water molecules. Collecting these toxins blocks blood circulation and weakens cellular energy. With the use of infrared rays, ranging from 3 to 15 microns, water molecules start to vibrate. Vibration reduces the ionic bonds of atoms that hold water molecules and toxins together. With the separation of the water molecules clusters, gases and other toxic substances are released. The toxins are eliminated by sweating and urine. It is advisable to drink plenty of water before and after the treatment, as this speeds up the elimination of toxins and the regeneration of the body.

Phototherapy and how it influences the body

As we know, coloured light is beneficial for our mental and physical health. In addition, it has a positive effect on the skin, as coloured waves of light penetrate the epidermis, causing photochemical processes to supply tissue and skin. It increases the formation of collagen, proteins, cell renewal and thus skin elasticity, eliminates wrinkles, regenerates and cleanses pores.

Red light

It gives a feeling of warmth; due to its psychological effect, it improves the rhythm of the heart, brain activities and respiration, and stimulates cell processes and regeneration. By stimulating cells, it vitalizes skin tissue and blood flow, eliminates wrinkles and skin abnormalities such as pimples and acne.

Yellow light

It stimulates nerves, raises blood pressure, accelerates pulse, strengthens resistance and digestion. It improves oxygen absorption and stimulates blood circulation, revitalizing skin and digestion.

Blue light

It gives a good, pleasant and fresh feeling, reduces tension and blood pressure, balances the mind, revitalizes the skin and strengthens it, thereby reducing its laxity.

Green light

This natural colour gives a sense of comfort, as it, like other colours, has extremely powerful healing effects. It eliminates the feelings of anxiety and depression, is calming and relaxing. It improves the function of the body glands, removes skin patches, acne and pimples.

With the SPACE TUNNEL, slimming and smooth, firm skin are no longer a dream. The SPACE TUNNEL simply meets your needs with advanced colour phototherapy technology which combines four light colour spectra in a combination of infrared rays that have a great biological effect on your body and mind. Due to the colour spectra, lying in the SPACE TUNNEL is not only healthy but also pleasant and comfortable, as if you were lying in a mysterious universe surrounded by physical and mental harmony. This kind of feeling also has a profound effect on the body from the psychological point of view.

The space tunnel must not be used:

  • After eating, i.e. less than an hour after a meal.
  • For children under 12.
  • For pregnant women.
  • For people with serious heart disease.
  • For people with serious diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, kidney or ureter.
  • In case of major injuries, at least 10 months.


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