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The House of Change


Alenka Ajnik

Welcome to

VIT-AL Center

The House of Change

At our centre we want you to leave it relaxed, unencumbered, lighter and pain free, in a word - changed. You can choose from a relaxing or therapeutic back massage, full body massage,  face massage, point massage of legs and arms, a therapeutic body stretch and fascial relaxation, and energy vibration takes you into a deep state of relaxation. You can also relax and detox in the infrared cabin, space tunnel, with mechanic lymphatic drainage, or in the collarium.

My name is Alenka and I have many years of experience in the therapeutic back method, classic massage, leg and arm point massage, trigger point relax and energy work. I acquired the knowledge of Zdenko Domančić method and other energy approaches. I have combined these knowledges and developed my own method of energy work as well as muscle relaxation and stretching. I work with pleasure and every result brings me joy, as they encourage me to research more deeply and obtain new learning, which I intensely continue and build upon.

To be diverse and interesting, we prepare various events, courses, seminars, and trainings; we collaborate with external associates such as psychotherapists, sound bath masters, radiesthesists, cosmeticians, masters of embers, yoga teachers, and horse therapists, and connect with good therapists  so that together we can help many people. Each person is special and everybody is different, but with empathy and open-mindedness we can find an optimal combination for everyone.

We have prepared a wide range of services for your health and wellbeing.

The choice of how to enrich and improve your life and bring more health and joy to it is yours.

Welcome among us!




Therapeutic massages

Treat yourself to well-being, a wide selection of massages.

Wellnes Devices

For the well-being of your body

Reducing heavy metals, toxins, body weight, relieving pain...


Energy therapy

When we feel harmony we raise the level of happiness in the world.